US Solar Doctor
US Solar Doctor
Solar PV Service and Maintenance
  • Feeling abandoned by your 
    solar installer?

    US Solar Doctor (USSD) provides monitoring, maintenance and service 

    on existing solar pv and energy storage systems.

Manage Your Solar Investment

If your solar or energy storage system isn't healthy, you are not performing optimally.  This impacts your return on investment.  US Solar Doctor keeps your system healthy!

Why is it important to monitor your solar and energy backup system?

You purchased solar equipment to reduce your electric bill.  If any component of solar equipment doesn't work correctly, you have to use the electric company to make up the difference.  That means your electric bill goes up.  Even a partial outage will cost you hundreds of dollars per month.  Did you know the average home owner who goes solar started with an electric bill over $300 a month?  What if you don't notice your solar solution has been down for two months?  You do the math!  

For those with energy storage systems (batteries):  Did you know that if your system doesn't function correctly and the battery completely drains, the battery can be permanently damaged?  In most cases, the battery manufacturer will not honor the warranty and will NOT pay to replace the $6,000+ battery.  The replacement cost may be on the customer!  A review and test of your energy backup system is available through US Solar Doctor.  When done together with our monitoring service, you can prevent full discharge from happening, potentially saving you thousands of dollars!

Solar and Energy Storage Healthcare Plans

Pay as you go 

USSD will get you into our monitoring portals and provide service when you need it.  Chat support is available for a fixed fee.

Solar Healthcare Plan

What is included

  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Monthly production reports
  • Virtual troubleshooting
  • Chat support included
  • Access to DIY Library
  • Priority onsite tech support when needed (pay as needed)

Solar Healthcare Plan+ 

The Solar Healthcare Plan+ is designed to give you a sense of security.  USSD will proactively monitor your system and perform a onsite Healthy System Check-Up, annually.

What is included

  • Proactively monitoring your system
  • Weekly production reports
  • Virtual Troubleshooting
  • Chat support
  • Access to DIY Library
  • Top Priority tech support when needed (pay as you go)
  • Yearly onsite inspection

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US Solar Doctors is Veteran Owned and Operated

US Solar Doctors was established by solar professionals with a combined experience of over 30 years of solar industry experience.   Officially established in 2023, we offer existing solar equipment and energy storage owners remote monitoring and reporting across the nation.  Our business model includes adding service tech teams to all solar friendly states within the next 24 months.  

See our Contact US page for a list of states we currently have techs available to serve you.