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Solar PV Service and Maintenance

Q:  What is the benefit of having US Solar Doctor (USSD) remotely monitor my solar system?

A: If your system isn’t producing correctly, you will pay more monthly to the utility company.  If your system fails, the average home electric bill is $300 a month.  What if you don’t notice your system isn’t working for two months?  USSD provides you with piece of mind.  We provide you regular reports showing you operational status and production values, removing the question of Is my solar array still working?


Q:  What is the benefit of having US Solar Doctor remotely monitor my energy storage solution?

A:  USSD has found that many installation companies do not correctly understand how to configure an energy storage solution.  This results in three potential issues.  First, if you are only using this for emergency purposes, it might not work when the power is down.  Second, you may not be using your equipment to offset up to 95% of your energy needs.  Yes – this is possible, if your equipment is configured correctly.  Third, in some situations it is possible for batteries to completely drain.  This can cause damage to the unit, requiring you to replace it.  The price for a new batter usually exceeds $6,000 and won’t necessary be covered by the manufacturer.  USSD give you piece of mind that you are ready for a power outage, you are using your equipment to maximize your investment and that your equipment doesn’t drain, costing you thousands of dollars.


Q:  The company that installed my system said they monitor it.  Why would I use US Solar Doctor to do the same thing?

A:  Our years of experience in the solar industry has shown time and time again, that sales and installation companies focus on what makes them money – selling and installing equipment.  Service is used as a sales tactic to give you comfort, but when it comes to actually monitoring the system or doing the service work, it is not their top priority.  Are they giving you regular system functionality reports?  Has your system had problems and you had to contact them instead of them calling you?  If there was a service call needed, did it take them months to get a tech out there?  Is the installation company you used even still in business?  US Solar Doctors proactively monitors you systems and sends you reports at specific intervals, removing the questions listed above.


Q:  Will using USSD void my service contract or maintenance contract?

A:  It depends on if you own vs lease your equipment vs have a power purchase agreement.  Closely review the contract you signed with the sales/installation company.  Information on monitoring should be detailed.  The manufacturer’s warranty is not exclusive to the installation company and USSD is certified by numerous manufacturers to perform your warranty work.  US Solar Doctors will be happy to review your existing agreement and give you an honest answer.  Contact Us for questions.


Q:  The company that installed my equipment said they warranty their work, roof leaks, service for replacing equipment for 25 years and more.  They are out of business or can’t get to me in a timely manner.  Do you honor their warranty?

A:  We can only help with manufacturer’s warranties.  Other warranties, unfortunately, don’t cover our tech’s and staff’s costs.  You may be able to negotiate with the other company to re-imburse you for what you pay for our services, etc. but that is between you and them.


Q:  Is USSD licensed and insured?

A:  Our technicians are certified by the manufacturer to work on your equipment.  They are insured.  Licensing is not required to work on your systems.


Q: Where do you provide remote system monitoring? 

A:  We can monitor any system remotely anywhere in the United States, as long as you have an internet connection and the inverter or battery company provides remote monitoring.  SolarEdge, Enphase and certain energy storage companies like LG and Tesla also provide this access via their online monitoring portals.  With your written permission, we can monitor your system.  [Link to forms]


Q:  Where do you provide maintenance or onsite support services?

A:  As of Q4 2023, US Solar Doctor provides maintenance and onsite support services in Arizona and Florida.  Our plans include rapid expansion so Contact Us for availability.  We will also consider traveling to any state if you are willing to pay additional costs for travel, lodging, etc.


Q:  How will I know if I have a problem with my system?

A:  If we are not monitoring your system, you may not!  If USSD monitors your system, we will provide you with regular updates and will notify you via email and phone if there is an issue and what actions are required.


Q:  Can you do annual system checkups on my equipment?

A:  Yes!  US Solar Doctor can perform a solar equipment inspection and/or an energy storage solution check.  This will include checking electrical connections, removing bugs from electrical boxes, checking string voltages, production checks, communications checks, build-up of dirt/debris on the solar modules* (solar panels,) wire conditions, signs of wire damage or nesting from critters under the modules (removal too), updates to your software, ensuring programming is correct.  If you have an energy storage solution, we will ensure it is programmed correctly and in accordance with local utility company guidelines and test for functionality with a power outage simulation.

*USSD may need to coordinate with a partner to clean your panels, depending on the market.  Solar module/panel cleaning is often an additional fee.


Q:  What do you charge for an annual system checkup?

A:  Pricing is based on a truck roll ($175) plus an hourly rate for travel time to and from your location and time spent working on your equipment.  This is applicable for service calls as well as annual checkups.

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