US Solar Doctor
US Solar Doctor
Solar PV Service and Maintenance

A Few Words About Who We Are

US Solar Doctor was created out of a need for Solar PV maintenance in the solar community.  Many sales and installation companies have come and gone, leaving the consumer stranded.  Large companies have down sized and many small companies have gone out of business.  US Solar Doctor are here for your monitoring, education and servicing your solar and energy storage systems.

US Solar Doctor is NOT an installation company for new installations.  We are a solar repair and maintenance provider for many different solar manufacturers, such as SolarEdge, LG Energy Solutions, Enphase, Generac and more.  Our technicians are certified by the manufacturers’ programs and meet all the requirements to work on your system. 

US Solar Doctor offers services to keep your PV system and energy storage solutions healthy.  We offer reasonable prices and maintenance plans.  We help with system monitoring, yearly maintenance, remote support chat, video support, on-site service, Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA) and assist with manufacturer warranties.   Contact US Solar Doctor. 

Our guiding principle is based on the golden rule, in which we treat others as we wish to be treated.  Our pricing is fair to our technicians, our customers and provides a fair share to the company.  We will not gouge our customers like so many sales and installation companies have done.

US Solar Doctor, as a whole, is a group of people that have experience installing hundreds of solar and energy storage solutions in the western hemisphere.  We have experience in sales, design, permitting, system installation, monitoring and servicing of ground and roof mounted solar arrays for residential and commercial installations.

US Solar Doctor - Arizona, is the flagship entity for USSD.  It currently has contracts with LG to replace faulty batteries across the state.  We also help provide services to SolarEdge’s abandoned systems.  Since its inception in 2023, Solar Doctor Arizona has replaced over 40 batteries and provided over 50 service calls to new customers (without any marketing in place.)  We anticipate significant growth in the years to come.

USSD will provide services to the Florida market by the end of 2023.  Plans include expanding into Texas, California and Colorado in the first half of 2024.  Additional considerations are underway for other states with high concentrations of solar customers in place.

Company Founders

Scott Benson

Scott is a retired United States Air Force Veteran of 26 years on C130s from 1984 to 2010. 

Scott has been in the solar industry since 2012.  He built a successful solar installation and service company in Costa Rica, having installed hundreds of solar and energy storage solutions for luxury homes and mid-sized commercial properties.  His company was the first in the hemisphere to install SolarEdge Zero Export Meters, prior to North America utilizing this technology.  They implemented LG Energy Storage and was the first in Latin America to provide these installation and support services. Scott is manufacturer certified by LG, Enphase, SolarEdge and Generac. 

Troy Bracke

A United States Air Force Desert Storm Veteran, Troy has been in the solar industry since 2015.  His solar experience includes sales, training, scheduling, monitoring /customer support, management, marketing, operations manager, permitting and project management (residential and commercial). He was a key member of a Midwest sales and installation company, fostering its growth to over $5M in three years.  Troy is OSHA 10 certified and was a NABCEP Certified Associate.  He currently resides in Florida.

Field Staff

USSD utilizes independent solar professionals with a minimum of two years field experience.  Each technician is required to be manufacturer certified, appropriate to the customer’s equipment.  Technicians must carry liability insurance. 

Jacob Nelson has been a solar professional since 2013, as a technician and field supervisor on over 500 solar installations.  He is manufacturer certified by LG, Enphase, SolarEdge, Generac, Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Roof.  He currently resides and supports the Arizona market.


Our partners play a major role in increasing our service and maintenance performance.