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    Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance in Florida

In Florida, your solar panels will rarely  (if ever) require your attention.  Mother Nature does a very good job of keeping them clean.  You will want to keep them clear of leaves and debris that aren’t cleared away by wind, rain and hurricanes. 

Following are some safety and maintenance tips!

 Remember:  Risk of fatal injury due to electric shock!  Do not attempt to fix any  problems yourself.  This includes cracked glass, damaged cables, etc. Do NOT attempt to disconnect anything!                                                                                                                                                                

                         If you think there is something wrong, contact                            Cleaning

         WARNING:  Risk of injury.  Take appropriate steps to ensure your safety.  This includes:                            

·    Work with a helper

·      Observe proper ladder safety

·      Be aware of overhead electrical lines and solar electric circuits


We recommend you refer to the owner’s manual for your solar equipment cleaning.  However, the following are normally                  

applicable for most makes/models of solar PV panels/modules:


Clean your panels when they are cool (shortly after sunrise or just prior to sunset.)  

Do  not clean panels if there is frost on them or frost is expected.  


Use running water to remove dust, leaves, etc.  Mild detergents may be used, but are

not necessary nor encouraged under normal circumstances. 


Do not use micro fleece wool or cotton cloths, due to static electric buildup. Do not

scratch off dirt.  Do not use abrasive detergents or tensides.  Do NOT use ammonia

based cleaners.  Do not use high pressure water cleaning equipment.  These can all

cause damage to your panels!


Use a clean soft cloth or sponge to carefully clean off stubborn dirt.  Brooms may be

used to remove excessive soil buildup.


Remove any debris (such as bird nests, leaves, etc.) from under the panels.  Be careful

not to damage or loosen wires.  If you notice loose or damaged wires, please contact us via email at