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How can I tweak my SolarEdge system to make it more efficient?

21.11.23 02:06 PM Comment(s) By Scott

How can I tweak my SolarEdge system to make it more efficient?

LG batteries and the SolarEdge Solution can be used to achieve energy independence and security for system owners, by utilizing energy storage to store energy and supply power as needed. 

By creating energy profiles and programming, in which the system customize operations according to the owners needs.

Utilizing a charge/discharge profile supporting, for example, time of use charging the battery from the PV/grid when tariffs are low and discharging the battery when tariffs are high.

A profile is comprised of three components: 

  • A daily profile type: defines the battery modes a day. Different day types may be defined, for example, winter weekday, spring weekday, weekend, holiday, etc.
  • A seasonal profile: defines weekly profiles to use during specified periods of the year. These periods must cover the entire year. A typical use case is creating seasonal profiles corresponding to the seasonal changes of electricity rates.
  • Special day type: defines dates that should have a specific daily profile instead of the profile defined for the relevant period. For example, if you defined a seasonal profile from Dec. 15 to Jan. 15 but want the system to have a different daily profile for New Year’s Day, define a special day. Special days can be set as one-time events or as recurring events.

With our Solar Doctor Program, you can have a consultation to determine your energy needs. 

Here is a example of a Arizona Solar Doctor Client.

Home 2 bedroom/ 2 bathrooms 2,332 sqft

This client had a solar doctor visit and we found out the previous installer did not install a key component (Current Transformers CTs) for the system to monitor and the battery to be used. The battery was sitting for over 5 years not being used because of the missing parts. After we installed the Cts and configure the energy profile for customers needs we were able to cover 100% between the solar, energy storage and net metering policy. 

Power and Energy Monthly Graph

This graph shows the before and after correction. Mirroring is when the Cts are not monitoring the flow of energy and the system only shows the production.

When corrected you will see the production and consumptions independent and showing true information.

These graphs show the before and after correction. Before correction you will noticed the consumption is not monitored in the night and morning hours when correct you will see the true consumption. The green means the consumption is being picked up by the battery or solar (system) and the lighter greens shows the solar production and battery charging. You will also noticed the battery levels before are in a straight line which means the battery was not being used, once corrected you can see the battery discharging during night or early morning hours and charging when the sun is shinning. 

After correction you will see the system production is more then the total consumption as well as the export and imports. 


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